Friday, August 26, 2011


Hey Gang we ran across this LAMBORWEENIE on the Hot Dog Hall of Fame web site, cool!

LAMBORWEENIE: The Hot Dog Hot Rod, The Frankfurter Funny Car, Porschefurter, The Wurst Wagen, etc...

When we first got into the weenie business, we sold hot dogs from The Great American Hot Dog Machine, a wild, custom built 3-wheeled motorcycle. Later on, we had a series of Datsun pick up trucks and then several other mobile designs in the works when we realized that we needed a restaurant and soon retired the mobile vending concept entirely. However, we soon realized that we needed to build a smaller, more affordable weenie mobile, not to sell hot dogs from but to promote The Hot Dog Hall Of Fame and 13 plus years later, we are finally within sight of our goal; several month's work is all that stands between us and completion. Additionally, our aim has shifted slightly and evolved into an attempt to seize the official Land Speed Record for productmobiles, established by Al Unser Jr. in 1999, when he piloted the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile to a speed of just over 100 MPH on the famous Indianapolis oval. We aim to beat that record by a substantial margin and we are preparing another engine, one with substantially more power than Lamborweenie's "daily driver" motor. 
See a few of Lamborweenie's construction photos and spec sheet.

Rendering by John Jaranson.

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