Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hot Dog War and Measuring Up

Few will remember the great Hot Dog Size War of the late 1930′s early 1940’s but it was a big deal at the time. California Hot Dog restaurants raced to see who could offer the largest Hot Dog to eager customers. The Hot Dog war lasted only a few years and was a fun time for all. In the end Boner Billy’s Famous Hot Dogs and their signature, “Big Boner Hot Dog” won out with a 13 inch monster for its time.

This very rare billboard promoting the “Measuring Up” campaign with a pretty girl holding a measuring ruler launched around 1939. The photo taking years later is of a billboard beaten up by time, 113 temperatures and sun belched. We believe the photo was taken around 1946 as by 1947 the billboard was blown down in a desert wind storm.

Thanks so much to Clark Richardson who found this photo in an old family album and shared it with us.

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