Friday, December 31, 2010

Lets BACKLINK to Online Success!

They say that a web-site is like a billboard in the middle of nowhere. No matter how grand, spectacular your web-site may be, the fact is if no one sees it, what good is it? Your success in cyberspace is based on getting the word out, being seen, and “backlink” is the key.  You must build a super highway to your billboard, the web-site that you worked so hard on. Did you know that in North American, 266,224,500 million people have access to the internet.  Worldwide there are now close to 200 billion potential customers and growing. The question is can anyone find you and the services you offer or is your web-site lost in space?

Boner Billy’s wants to make 2011 a breakout year for everybody, and we can all push our web-sites up the great Search Engines mountain if we simply work together and exchange links.  It is simple and easy, and Boner Billy’s even has a page that you can copy our HTML code and place in you web site. You then provide us with yours HTML code, and we add it to our site. Now we have a “Permanent Relevant Link” between web-sites. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all the others Search Engines just love Permanent Relevant Links, and they push our web-sites to higher rankings (placement) on their Eearch Engine platforms
PS. If you have not heard the term “backlink” or know very little you need to search, “backlink” or ”Permanent Relevant Link” on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., and get up to speed as you are missing the boat. You will find there are services who at a fee will backlink for you. The point is why pay as it is something you can do for free and is a great on going project as we can NEVER have enough visitors to our online store.

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