Saturday, September 4, 2010

Attn: Tee Shirt Artisan

Dear t-shirt Artisans,

When a funny tee shirt sells we all win. Remember people can’t find great t- shirts without getting the word out. When we link our web-sites we help showcase our sites to more viewers, and move our web sites up the great search engine mountain.  

Feel free to post information about your tee shirts and web-site, links, etc.  It is also great to receive any info about outstanding wholesale pricing on shirt blanks, industry up dates, etc. SO PLEASE POST THAT TOO!

When we team we can keep the cost down and sell more shirts.  The fact is we can be friendly competitors as we all have our own style of t-shirts we market.

let's work together and keep the trade of printing shirts in the USA - Boner Billy's


  1. Boner your died on!
    friendly competitors is what we are, and helping each other only helps us all!

    The fact is shirts are already made in far off lands like China. Let's keep the rest of it and the craft in the USA. thanks man!

  2. Great read and let's make sure the visitors to the Boner Billy's Back Back Blog know here is the link to our main Boner Billy's Blog

    Thanks, Team Boner